Our work has been recognised in a variety of ways including the awards and best practice citations listed below:

2012 Young Partners Award - National Council for Voluntary Services 2011 Diana Award - Certificate of Excellence
2010 The Philip Lawrence Award
2009 The Guardian Charity of the Year
2009 Winner - Award for Bridging Cultures Institute of Community Cohesion
2009 Winner - UNITE Award V-Inspired
2008 Children and Young People's Services Awards
Winners - Active Citizens Category
2006 The Queen's Award for Voluntary Service
Faith Communities Pulling Together
Community Development Foundation (2008)
Aik Saath: Exploring Community Cohesion in Schools
Multiverse (2008)
Building Better Understanding between Young People in a Multi-Faith Society
Diversity and Dialogue (2006)
Different World: How Young People Can Work Together on Human Rights, Citizenship, Equality and Creating a Better Society
Lemos and Crane / City Parochial Foundation (2006)
Community Cohesion: Seven Steps: A Practitioner's Toolkit
The Home Office (2005)
Preventing Racist Violence
The Runnymede Trust (2005)
Tackling the Roots of Racism: Lessons for Success
Joseph Rowntree Foundation (2005)
Ideas into Action: Community Safety
Community Links (2005)
Community Cohesion: An Action Guide Local Government Association (2004)
Taking Part
Local Government Information Unit (2000)
Visible Voices: Young People's Ideas Annual
Community Links (2000)